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We service big brands Rinnai, Everdure, Regency and more! Local gas heater services Sydney specialises in gas services, our qualified technicians are expertly trained in gas appliance, maintenance and repairs with most common faults being rectified with a service.

It is recommended to service your gas heater every 1 to 2 years to ensure beneficial performance, safe operation, minimise any potential downtime and extend the life of your gas heater system to avoid replacement. An unsafe heater can pollute your home with dangerous fumes. Servicing your heater will ensure you that your family is safe and your appliance will be safe to run and operate efficiently for many more years to come.

The most common faults are caused by dirt and dust build up, the pilot flame may extinguish suddenly, a slight or strong smell of gas or acrid, noisy fan or filter light is flashing – these are signs that your heater needs a service.
Don’t wait any longer, we’ve got highly skilled technicians ready to help.

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