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At Movement 101 Chatswood, we believe that your body should be treated as a whole. If you’re searching for a healthy way to exercise with like-minded locals, you’ll love our Pilates classes. Many people choose Pilates because it is an effective way of strengthening and stretching muscles without putting excess strain on joints or tendons. Pilates can also be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their posture, increase their core strength and flexibility, or simply has back pain or muscle tension.  If you are working with a serious injury (back, knee, hip, or spinal injuries), are an over-trained weekend warrior, or are a pre or postnatal woman then Pilates can help with muscle recovery and help build strength whilst preventing further injuries from happening.  Even if you’re not injured but just want to improve your overall fitness levels then Pilates in Chatswood will give you the chance to build up muscle tone whilst improving your posture at the same time!

  • All welcome with or without vaccination



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