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PainMed takes a holistic approach, addressing not only your physical health problems but also how they impact your psychological and social well-being. The primary goal of the Painmed (Persistent Pain Clinic) clinic is to help patients achieve the highest functional capacity possible within their pain clinic medical and psychological limits by using diagnostic injections, pulsed radio frequency, radio frequency, neuromodulation, regenerative therapies, cancer-related procedures in pain clinic Sydney, as well as reducing pain, increasing activity, and altering pain-reinforcing behaviors in the pain clinic. Chronic pain persists beyond the normal healing period. Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions that we treat. Painmed Clinic is the leading pain specialist in Sydney. Providing evidence-based pain management clinic treatments that range from pharmacological therapy to advanced therapies such as spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and radiofrequency stimulation. Our specialty is the treatment of chronic pain as well as nerve pain. Painmed uses medications, procedures, exercises, and therapy are all used by Painmed to help you control your pain. Your provider may recommend one approach or a combination of approaches to reduce or relieve pain. Our pain specialist in Sydney brings together a multidisciplinary group of clinicians, researchers, and educators to improve understanding of all forms of pain and their treatments.

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